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10 bed / 4 bath for $7,500 per month (1908 San Gabriel St)

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Rental houses, especially large ones (4 to 10+ bedrooms), near UT Austin are in limited supply. The season for students pre-leasing houses near UT for the next academic school year begins in the fall. In September and October, campus brokers begin releasing their availability and prices for the next school year for both houses and apartments. The properties available for pre-lease are primarily located in the West Campus, North Campus, and Hyde Park neighborhoods. Student demand is high for these properties and they do not stay on the market very long.


Renting a house provides several advantages over apartment life. With a house, you won’t have to contend with stairwells, elevators, or winding hallways just to reach your home. You’ll have a yard, which is great for having friends over for a BBQ or enjoying Austin’s desirable weather. Also, you won’t be sharing a wall or ceiling with a neighboring unit (as you would in an apartment), which helps to minimize noise.


Living with a group of friends also has its financial perks. Not only does each student’s share of utilities typically decrease as you live with more people, but the rent per bedroom also decreases.


Above is a gallery of some of the houses that have been made available for pre-lease in the past. To inquire about your current pre-leasing options and availability, please contact us.